Today’s walk involved part of the Fife Coastal Trail and this particular stretch is one which the Club had not done for quite a few years.

27 walkers attended today’s event with most walkers alighting at Lower Largo to do the whole walk.

The remaining six got off the bus at Elie, 4 of whom started walking towards Anstruther and the other two walked back towards Earlsferry as they wanted to complete the “Chain Walk”. They eventually met up with the walkers from Lower Largo and together they all had an exciting adventure using the stainless steel chains (there were 8 chained sections) to navigate up, down and across the various rocky features on this coastline. The “Chain Walk” was completed in about 45 minutes without mishap except for a few minor scrapes and bruises and some shattered nerves!

The weather throughout the whole day was exceptional – bright, sunny, dry and with only a gentle breeze. This was despite the weather forecast which had predicted light rain showers for the day.

Some walkers were keeping their peepers open for wildlife and they were not disappointed. Frank spotted a kestrel hovering over the grassy coastline on two occasions and house martins were also seen a few times “hoovering” up insects in their speedy flight path. Skylarks were heard but alas never actually seen. There were reports also of dolphins being spotted off the coastline.

All in all it was an excellent day out despite the slightly delayed start (Gilbert trying out a new map app for route finding but not succeeding) and a late departure from Anstruther. Jules, our driver, made good time to get us back to Aberdeen at 8:30 pm



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