There were 20 members on today’s walk, the forecast was warm and dry. 17 members alighted the bus at Tarfside to walk The Fungle. Two members went over Tampie and Gannoch then rejoined The Fungle at Birse Castle. The remaining 3 went round to Aboyne to do shorter alternatives, it was very warm especially going uphill, a different story from a fortnight ago!! Wendy and Fiona who were doing a shorter walk had a break at the Rest and be Thankful when some of the main party arrived, think they ran round!! Refreshments were taken at The Boat Inn, we left early and Jules, our bus driver, had us back in Aberdeen by 5.45pm. It was a good day out. One member found he had a tick but didn’t notice it till the next day when he managed to remove it. This is a timely reminder to walkers to keep an eye out for ticks on their skin after walking the hills. Fiona

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