Only 15 walkers attended the outing to the Linn of Dee.

A number of circular routes covering this area were suggested on the route sheet including Ben Macdui,Derry Cairngorm Sgor Mor & Sgor Dubh and Craig Bhalg.

The day was bright and dry when we left Aberdeen but the rain began to set in by the time we reached Braemar where a comfort stop was taken before we headed to our start point of the Linn of Dee car park.

The walkers split into a number of groups with 6 people intending to head for Ben Macdui and Derry Cairngorm. Another group of 6 were to climb the corbett of Sgor Mor and return along the high level ridge towards Sgor Dubh before descending steeply to reach the White Bridge road and returning back to the car park. This proved to be a tough climb and descent through long tussocky grass and high heather.

The rain continued most of the day with only a short sunny spell at midday which allowed excellent views of the Cairngorm range and a dry lunch stop before more heavy rain in the afternoon.

The group heading for Ben Macdui also had problems with high water levels though they eventually crossed the Luibeg burn but high winds on the Stron Riach route forced them to return before reaching the summit. Others had a more leisurely day on Craig Bhalg and a lower level walk around Mar Lodge.

Meantime our driver and another member had stunning breakfasts at the new bar / restaurant in Braemar.

The conditions of heavy rain and high winds dictated the day resulting in all walkers returning to the bus well in advance of the scheduled leaving time.

A short refreshment stop was taken in Ballater before arriving home in Aberdeen at 8.00pm.


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