There were 20 walkers on today’s walk. The main party of 13
alighted the bus at Braenaloin just to the west of Gairnshiel Lodge, and
followed the river Gairn upstream passing Corndavon Lodge before heading south
traversing Culardoch’s shoulder with some including the Corbett of Culardoch,
900m. Some of the group returned to Keiloch via the commemorative benches of
Jimmy Bremner and Willie Robb, former members of the club. The first part of
the walk was into a cold stiff breeze but the weather improved and we all
enjoyed a warm sunny afternoon. 3 members took the bus to Keiloch to do walk 2
on the route sheet, the benches and the Fog House. 3 members alighted the bus
at Inver and walked to Keiloch taking in the benches and the Fog house. We left
in good time with a stop at Ballater where we watched the European Lady Golfers
win the Solheim Cup held at Gleneagles. We arrived back in Aberdeen an hour
early. Alan

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