The walk last Sunday was from a small car park on the Slug Road near Findlaystone bridge through the gorge, then via Feteresso Forest to the Cryne’s Cross Mounth Road to Rickarton, where the bus was waiting. It was a fine day, only 18 members had booked, 14 of them doing the main walk. 3 members elected to do a shorter walk following the course of the Cowie to Bossholes bridge looking for military history. During the Second World War after the Nazis captured Norway there were fears of an invasion of northern Scotland. Enemy troops would then move south towards the central belt. The government set up a defensive line based on the Cowie Gorge, called the Cowie Stop Line. A pillbox is situated in the trees guarding Findlaystone Bridge. There are three others, one can be seen in the photo covered in gorse guarding the Bossholes bridge, look carefully the level top is the concrete roof covered in grass. The other two, one also at Bossholes and the other at the bridge over the Cowie on the Mounth road proved elusive. The other feature can be seen on the south bank of the river as you approach Bossholes. The south bank has been raises about 10-12 feet to make it difficult for an enemy to cross (see photo). As you  move further west the terrain becomes more rugged making artificial barriers less necessary.

All were back at the bus by 3pm, missing the rain which had just started. We stopped for refreshments at Stonehaven.


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