There were 20 members on today’s walk, 14 were dropped off to do the main walk starting at the Lumphanan forest car park. The main tracks had a covering of snow and towards the top of Craiglich there were a few inches of snow. We had good views from the top looking to the snow covered hills to the west. Some of the tracks were overgrown but passable and good navigation was required due to numerous forest tracks which were not on the maps. We were greeted by a snow shower as we arrived at the top of Mortlich which turned to rain lower down. We arrived at Aboyne after taking the path through the golf course. The remaining 6 went round on the bus to Aboyne to do shorter walks. Some couldn’t find the path between the Loch of Aboyne and Mortlich, which shorten their  walk, but went to Aboyne Castle and grounds instead. We were all back in good time and had refreshments in Aboyne, before our return journey to Aberdeen. Alan

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