Gilbert conquers his final munro! Congratulations to our booking secretary Gilbert on achieving his final munro, Stob Daimh (Peak of the Stag) which he bagged recently. 13 started the walk from St. Conan’s Road, near the kirk of same name. There is a tarred road, 3 miles long up to the dam. From the dam there is a rough boggy track leading up to the main ridge. Of the 13 that started the walk two did not quite make to the dam. Fiona did not go to top but did 10 miles walking to the base of Ben Cruachan which is on the other side of dam from Stob Daimh. Alan shot ahead to do Ben Cruachan first then he met us on the top. Richard Collins & Steven Morrice did the Corbet first then met us on the top. So from the dam it was me and my family plus Frank that walked from the dam to the top with the others waiting there for us. The ten of us at the top had champagne and a tot of Balvenie Double Wood to toast the event. The actual climb took us 7.75 hours and around 10.5 miles plus we had about 0.75 hours in stops. It was a bit wet from the dam to the ridge but the mist and clouds cleared at the top and the sun came out as we headed down to the cars. There were 27 of us (including 6 grandchildren & 4 non walkers) in the Olive Garden restaurant in Oban for a meal which was enjoyed by all.

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