Date(s) - 29/04/2012
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 13
Walk Hours: 6.5
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
Departure time from walk:

Walk Notes

The walk today follows the route of an old drove road from Glen Esk northwards to Deeside known as the “Fungle Road”. Because this walk is a through-route, any members who require a shorter walk would have to travel to the finishing point with the bus and do their own thing in the Aboyne area. This is possible, so if any member(s) should require a shorter walk, please advise your committee member in charge of the bus so that early discussions can take place with the driver.

The walk commences at the hamlet of Tarfside, in Glen Esk (NGR 492 797), where a green and white “Right of Way” signpost indicates the start of the Fungle Road. Head northwards up the east side of the Water of Tarf to soon cross the Burn of Tennet and reach Shinfur. Our route continues northwards crossing the Burn of Clearach and ascends the ridge on the east side of the Burn of Keddloch. At NGR 499 853, the path splits at a “Right of Way” signpost – the left path is the “Firmounth Road” which heads into Glen Tanar, whereas our “Fungle Road” route follows the right-hand path between Tampie (723m) and Mudlee Bracks (688m).  This path heads northeastwards, for about 4 miles to eventually reach the Forest of Birse area. Continue northwards, cross the Water of Feugh, past the west side of Birse Castle and enter the “Gwaves” ravine. Ascend the ravine path on the west side to eventually level off at a stone shooting lodge. The path then drops down to cross a burn in a grassy hollow below Carnferg (525m) and then continues around the west slopes of Carnferg. Our route at around NGR 517 937, branches away left from this wide track just as the edge of the trees is approached and a rather indistinct path is picked up to follow the Allt Dinnie burn before crossing it and climbing up through the trees to arrive at a stone building called “The Guard”. Just beyond this building, we arrive at a junction of paths. Take the middle one (N’wards), which heads into the trees and soon descends along the east side of Craigendinnie Hill, past the stone seat bearing an inscription “Rest and Be Thankful”. Continue your descent (N’wards) into the steep wooded glen of the Allt Dinnie, which flattens off near Parkside farm to reach the west end of Birsemore Loch. In a short distance our route emerges on to the B976 South Deeside Road near the southern end of the River Dee bridge at Birsemore. Cross the bridge to where our bus will be conveniently parked near the Boat Inn at Aboyne (NGR 524 980).