Date(s) - 05/02/2012
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 45
Grid Ref. Start: 750648
Grid Ref. Finish 834191
Walk (Miles): 8
Walk Hours: 4
Bus Time to Walk:2
Bus Time from Walk: 1.5
Departure time from walk: 1530

Walk Notes

Our walk today follows an interesting part of the Kincardineshire coastline, passing through the delightful villages of Johnshaven and Gourdon. We will be dropped off at St.Cyrus and the bus will travel back northwards to Inverbervie. If any member(s) should require a shorter walk, please advise your Committee member in charge of the bus so that early discussions can take place with the driver. However, depending on the weather (especially wind direction and strength), it may be decided by your Committee, on the day, to reverse the walk i.e start at Inverbervie and walk southwards to St.Cyrus.

The walk commences in the village of St.Cyrus near the church at the top of the hill which is a prominent feature from the surrounding area (NGR 750 648). Beyond the church a minor road heads down towards the sea where a path is picked up heading NE along the edge of the cliffs. We pass the old ruined castle of the Kaim of Mathers and take a farm road leading away from the cliffs for a short distance to bypass Milton Ness, where there is no cliff path. At the next T- junction, go right (SE) and head towards the hamlet of Tangleha’ on the seashore. Walk NE along the shore to reach Seagreens, where a path is picked up and leads past the “Narrows” and round the next headland and eventually into the village of Johnshaven. Walk through the village, past the harbour and pick up a path which runs parallel with the dismantled Montrose to Inverbervie railway line. Our route continues NE passing Latallan School, Haughs of Benholm and arrives at the fishing village of Gourdon. Here, we skirt the harbour and follow the shore to pick up the disused rail track again. Continue NE, closely following the rail line, passing the trees around Hallgreen Castle to reach the outskirts of Inverbervie. Our bus will be parked at the carpark near the shore, built on the demolished site of the railway station (NGR 833 723).