Date(s) - 10/07/2022
8:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: If Time Permits
O/S Map Sheet No.: 43
Grid Ref. Start: 109 669
Grid Ref. Finish 109 669
Walk (Miles): 14
Walk Hours: 7.5
Bus Time to Walk:2.5 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 2.5 hrs
Departure time from walk: 6:00 pm

Walk Notes

Aberdeen Hillwalking Club

Spittal of Glenshee – Glas Tulaichean & Various Other Walks


10th July 2022      Bus departs Aberdeen at 08.00am

O.S. Map 43


There are three walks on the agenda today. Walk 1 is a through walk taking in 3 Munros with walkers getting dropped off at the Glenshee Ski Centre. The bus then continues down the glen to the Spittal of Glenshee where it will be parked for the day. Walks 2 & 3 will commence & finish at the Spittal of Glenshee. Walkers proposing to do something different must consult with person in charge to determine whether their walk is feasible & practicable in the time available.

Walk1: 3 Munros – Through Walk from Ski Centre Down West Side of Glen to Spittal of Glenshee

This is a walk for fit walkers with good navigational skills. The walk itself should take around 6 hours at 3.5 km/hour (c.2.2 miles/hour) so about 7 hours in total with 1 hour included for rest stops.

Start at the Ski Centre Café, go past main building & turn left across a gravelled yard to join a steep track uphill. Go past ski lift & octagonal café building & continue on track between 2 ski lifts climbing steeply & take left fork uphill. The track reaches a ridge West of the 1st Munro – Carn Aosda (915m) which is signposted. Head straight uphill to reach the top. From top head West at 1st then South West on a track leading to the Carn Aosda Hut at 795m. From there the path bends South East at 1st then Southwards to the top of the ski tow at 873m. From there the track heads South Eastwards bending upwards to 2nd Munro – The Cairnwell (933m). Retrace your steps to top of ski tow (873m) & take the path veering off left which goes Southwards then Westwards past spot height 808m & from there Southwards following the edge of Creag a’ Choire Dhirich to reach the cairn at Carn nan Sac (920m). Although above 914m this is not a Munro but head off Westwards from here past The Coolah to reach your 3rd Munro Carn a’ Gheoidh (975m). Head off South West to reach a path which then leads to a wide land rover track heading Southwards to reach Carn Mor (876m) & continues past grouse butts & the west flank of Creagan Bheithe. The route continues downhill round the North Eastern flank of Ben Gulabin, across several fords until it reaches the A93. Carefully walk Southwards along the road for about 2 km to reach the bus which will be parked near the old bridge at the Spittal of Glenshee Grid. Ref. NO 109 669

Walking distance approx. 16 km/10 miles. Ascent: 610m

 Please note that the route download to your mobile device only works if you can open gpx files  (e.g. OS or OutdoorActive).

Total distance: 16238 m
Max elevation: 974 m
Min elevation: 337 m
Download file: AHWC -Carn Aosda etc.gpx


Walk 2: Glas Tulaichean Circular

This is a walk for fit walkers who can walk fast & can navigate. The full walk taking in Loch nan Eun  should take around 6.75 hours to complete at a pace of 4 km/hour (2.5 miles/hour) plus 0.75 hours for stops so 7.5 hours in total.

From the bus head North West up the road towards the Dalmunzie House Hotel. Walk past the hotel & Glenlochsie Farm to gain the dismantled railway track  which heads up the glen towards the ruin at Glenlochsie Lodge. From there take the wide track uphill until you reach the top at Glas Tulaichean (1051m) which is a Munro. At the top there should be good views of the numerous hills to the North including An Socath. If you feel time is short you can retrace your steps back to the bus or alternatively take the track which heads South East for a few Km then follow the ridge downhill & head for the bridge over the Allt Ghlinn Thaitneich (Grid. Ref. NO 089 724) & then follow the track towards the old bridge at the Spittal of Glenshee & the bus nearby. If time is good & you are feeling fit then continue downhill on the North East ridge of Glas Tulaichean which leads towards Loch nan Eun, taking care not to veer off to the right on the ridge which heads towards Sron na Saobhaidh. At the loch take the path through the narrow gap which heads downhill South Eastwards following the line of the Allt Easgaidh until this path joins the wide land rover track in Gleann Taitneach. Follow this track all the way down the glen until you reach the old bridge at the Spittal of Glenshee where the bus will be parked nearby.

Walking distance approx.  14 miles/22km. Ascent: 787m.

Please note that the route download to your mobile device only works if you can open gpx  files (e.g. OS or OutdoorActive)

Total distance: 21922 m
Max elevation: 1047 m
Min elevation: 336 m
Download file: AHWC-Glas Tulaichean.gpx


Walk 3: Short Walk- Glen Lochsie Circular

This walk should be suitable for most walkers & should take 3.75 hours to complete at a pace of 3.5 km/hour (c. 2.2 miles/hour) plus add on about 1 hour for stops. However it may be more than an hour for rest stops should you sample the fine coffee (& hopefully tablet) at the Dalmunzie House Hotel.

The walk starts at the Spittal of Glenshee & follows the route as for the start of Walk 2 up to the ruin at Glen Lochsie Lodge. It was hoped to return on the South side of the Lochsie Burn via the land rover track through the two large plantations, however the advice from the Estate is that work on clearing the storm damage is ongoing & passage through the woods is not recommended. It may be possible to return part of the way on the South side but checks on the footbridge & the ford would have to be made on the way up the glen to ensure that they were safe & passable. The footbridge is just up from the farm at grid ref. NO 083 715 & the ford is at Grid Ref. NO 080 717. Return to the bus by the same route you took going up to the ruin at Glen Lochsie Lodge

Walking distance approx. 7 miles/11.5 km. Ascent: 235 m

Please notethat the route download to your mobile device only works if you can open gpx files (e.g. OS or OutdoorActive)

Total distance: 11566 m
Max elevation: 519 m
Min elevation: 336 m
Download file: Spittal of Glen Shee (1).gpx

Bus departs for Aberdeen at 6:00pm There may be a pub stop of 30 minutes if time allows.

The above notes are for guidance only and are intended as an aid to be used along with a map and compass and/or a GPS device with OS maps.

In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge today should be notified, if possible, before the emergency services are contacted on 999.

Committee member in charge of today is Gilbert McCurdy.  Mobile No. 07807 240817


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Member's Ticket £12.00
Non-Member's Ticket £17.00