Date(s) - 10/08/2014
8:00 am - 9:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start: 310852
Grid Ref. Finish 310852
Walk (Miles): 18
Walk Hours: 9
Bus Time to Walk:2
Bus Time from Walk: 2
Departure time from walk: 19:00

Walk Notes

AHWC. Spittal of Muick – circular.
10th August 2014. O.S. Map 44 (Ballater).
N.B. 8.00am start from Aberdeen
The bus will be parked at the Spittal car park all day and there are various possibilities for walks from here. 4 walks are suggested below, however you may wish to do a different walk. Please advise your Committee member in charge of the bus which walk you will be undertaking, Members who require a shorter walk – please also indicate your intentions with your committee member.
(1) A low level walk around Loch Muick. Walking distance approx. 8 miles.
(2) The Capel Mounth circuit. From the bus, head towards Loch Muick, but at NGR 304 846 veer left at a signpost (Glen Clova by Capel Mounth) and ascend gradually S’wards on a wide track for about 5 miles, passing along the west side of Black Hill and Ferrowie before descending steeply into Glen Clova to join a path (NGR 284 772) heading N’wards towards Moulzie. Continue N’wards crossing the South Esk on a new footbridge and veering W’wards to Bachnagairn. Cross the footbridge here and climb N’wards to reach Sandy Hillocks stables (NGR 256 808) above Coire Chash. Descend the refurbished “streak o’ lightning” path to reach the S shore of Loch Muick (NGR 273 818). Head NE’wards along this path for about 3.5 miles to arrive back at the Spittal bus park. Walking distance approx. 14 miles.
(3) Broad Cairn (998m). Head along the S shore of Loch Muick and climb the zig-zag path above the Black Burn. Continue along this high track above the loch to arrive at Sandy Hillock’s stables (NGR 256 808). Follow the path NW’wards to gain the summit of Broad Cairn. From the summit, head towards Cairn Bannoch and drop down towards the Allt an Dubh Loch. Follow an indistinct path on the N side of the stream to gain a good path along the N side of the Dubh Loch. Return to the Spittal car park by following the path along the N sides of both Dubh Loch and Loch Muck.
Walking distance 15 miles.
(4) Lochnagar (1155m). Follow the signposted path towards Allt na guibhsaich, head uphill towards Clais Rathadan, past Fox’s Well Memorial, then up the new “Ladder” path to gain the plateau. Go round the rim of the NE corrie, past Cac Carn Mor and on to the summit of Cac Carn Beag (1155m). Your return to the bus can be either a retracing of your inwards route or by descending into the valley of the Glas Allt burn to Glas allt Shiel and then NE’wards along the north side of Loch Muick to the Spittal.
Walking distance approx. 14 miles.