Date(s) - 11/04/2010
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 37
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 14
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
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Walk Notes

Today’s walk begins on the edge of the Clashindarroch Forest, contours (or if you think time permits, climbs) the conical hill of Tap o’ Noth, crosses the Water of Bogie at Rhynie before traversing the Correen Hills and finishing in the Don Valley at the hamlet of Tullynessle.

The walk commences on the A97 Rhynie to Gartly road near the farm called Old Noth NGR 521.309. From here, head west into Glen of Noth for about a mile where the path sweeps south to a “T” junction at NGR 509.307. Turn right here and head west for about a mile where the route veers southwest past Cat Craigs. However, if you want to climb Hill of Noth and Tap o’ Noth from this side, climb up a wide fire break after about a half mile from the aforementioned “T” junction on a bend on the path opposite a gate. Otherwise, keep ahead at next “T” junction at NGR 490.303. This path is now contouring Tap o’ Noth on its north side, but soon veers southwards down the west side of the Tap o’ Noth. If you think that time permits, the “Tap” can be climbed from this western side where a path veers off northwestwards at 476 291 towards the summit and its “vitrified” fort. However, our route veers southeast to a split in the path. The right hand path goes downwards to the car park above Howton, but our route goes left at the split and contours the south slopes of Tap o’ Noth and zigzags downhill to emerge at the farm of Milton of Noth at the A97 Rhynie to Gartly road. Head southwards along the A97 for about a mile towards the village of Rhynie. Cross the Water of Bogie near the centre of the village and head eastwards towards Easter Bogieside. After crossing the stream, proceed southeastwards on a secondary road past Barflat and Bankhead farms to eventually reach a “Y” junction near the Iron Age fort on Cairn More. Take the left hand fork at the “Y” junction and head southwards between the east side of Clova Hill and the west side of an unnamed 487m top of Mire of Midgates Hill. Keep heading southeast across the Correen Hills towards the disused Correen quarry at NGR 522.214. The path now descends down the valley of the Blacklatch Burn towards the base of Fouchie Shank where we cross the burn and arrive at a “T” junction. Go left here and proceed southeastwards, through a plantation of trees towards the farm at Dubston opposite Terpersie Castle. Follow the secondary road, which crosses the burn and passes Cullyblean to arrive at the hamlet of Tullynessle NGR 558 196. The bus will be parked opposite the church.