Date(s) - 21/07/2013
8:00 am - 7:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 58
Grid Ref. Start: 895085
Grid Ref. Finish 914975
Walk (Miles): 12
Walk Hours: 6
Bus Time to Walk:2.5
Bus Time from Walk: 2.5
Departure time from walk: 1700

Walk Notes

The walk today is a through-route your club completed in May 2005. Graham Sangster suggested this walk in his “suggestion sheet” for 2013 and this outing was included for this year’s programme. The Ochil Hills stretch from the Upper Tay Estuary to the broad plain of the Forth Valley, forming a 28 mile long ridge of mainly rounded tops and are very prominent from Edinburgh and the south. If any member(s) require(s) a shorter walk, please advise your Committee member in charge of the bus today so that early discussion can take place with the driver.

Our walk begins near Blackford on the A9 where a track heads southwards (NGR 896 086) up the Braes of Ogilvie, passing Kinpauch House and contouring the western shoulder of Kinpauch Hill, before dropping down into the Glen of Kinpauch. The road continues up the glen above the burn to reach a col at its head, which we cross and descend into Glen Bee, to follow the burn down to the end of Upper Glen Devon Reservoir. Cross the burn here and take a path round the north west shore of the reservoir to cross the River Devon and continue round the southern edge of the reservoir to the remote house at Backhills. The access road to the house crosses the Broich Burn here, but we leave it after the bridge and take a path S’wards up the glen on the hillside which skirts Skythorn Hill to reach a col between it and Andrew Gannel Hill. Our path crosses the col and skirts Maddy Moss, before descending to the headwaters of the Gannel Burn which is followed down the glen SW’wards. Cross the western shoulder of Kirk Craigs and descend into Mill Glen, where the path follows the east slopes of the glen down into the outskirts of Tillycoultry, where our bus will be parked at a convenient spot around NGR 914 974.