Date(s) - 20/03/2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 37
Grid Ref. Start: 458124
Grid Ref. Finish 480045
Walk (Miles): 9
Walk Hours: 4.5
Bus Time to Walk:1.5 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 1.5 hrs
Departure time from walk: 3:30 pm

Walk Notes

Aberdeen Hillwalking Club
20Th March 2022 Bus departs Aberdeen at 9.00 am
Milltown of Towie to Tarland – Pressendye
O.S. Map 37 – Strathdon & Alford
Walk 1 – Pressendye
This walk starts at Milltown of Towie & heads Southwards over the hill at Pressendye & onwards towards the finishing point at Tarland
From the start at NJ 461 129 follow the road Southwards, ignoring the 1st road off to the left but take the 2nd turn off at NJ 458 124 which leads to Haughton. After passing Haughton continue along the road in a South Easterly direction for about 500m & then take the path leading off to the left at NJ 463 116 & head up the ridge in a South Easterly direction to Craigengell Hill, passing grouse butts on the way to Craiglea Hill (523m). At the top of Craiglea Hill go east for about 200m, ignoring the 1st track off to the right (South) & take the next turnoff to the right & head South East for about 200m to gain another track coming in from the North. Follow this track Southwards to gain the summit of The Socach (596m) & from there the track bends South Eastwards along a ridge to reach the top of Pressendye (619m). At the summit there are great views to the South of Morven, Lochnagar & Mount Keen. From the trig point at the top head Southeastwards down a wide track to reach the trees. There are signposts with blue bands which can guide the way. Follow this track Southwards passing the western flanks of Pittenderich (508m) – there is a path off to the left to gain the top. Further down the track take the right hand fork (at the picnic bench & signpost (red & blue bands) & follow the track until you come out of the trees. Further down the open grassy area at a junction of paths NJ 491 074 (& another picnic bench) take the right hand fork & follow the track (signposted with red & blue bands & black direction arrows) which heads firstly North Westerly for a short distance before it turns to head South Westerly downhill through the trees (Gellie Wood) for 200m or so & then turns North West again for 100m or so along a line of trees & fence to reach a stile. Turn left after going over stile & follow the track until it reaches a tarmac road that serves Oldmill, Ranna & Douneside. Turn left & follow the road Southeastwards in the direction of Ranna after which head Southwards in the direction of Douneside. After passing Douneside continue Southwards for less than 1 km until the junction at approx. NJ 482 052 where the road bends left. There is a Public Rights of Way sign (Cushnie via Pressendye 5 miles) at this bend where you turn off. At the bend take the grassy track off to the right down past some new houses and turn left at the bottom of track into the road (Strachan Cottages). At the end of this road turn right & take pavement paths which sweep leftwards into centre of Tarland where the bus will be waiting at NJ 481 044. Walking distance approx. 7.5 miles/12km. Ascent:424m

Please note that the route download to your mobile device only works if you can open gpx files (eg OS & Outdoor Active).

Total distance: 12201 m
Max elevation: 621 m
Min elevation: 146 m
Download file: pressendye (1).gpx
Walk 2 – Tomnaverie Stone Circle
Those wishing a shorter, low level walk could take in the waymarked walk to Tomnaverie Stone Circle and return by retracing your steps. The original plane was to return via Drummy Wood but recent storms have given rise to many fallen trees which has rendered it unsafe to use. This walk is also on the Walkhighlands website where full details can be obtained. It starts in “The Square” in Tarland & there is an information board at the East end of the Square (across from the Aberdeen Arms Hotel) with full details of this walk. From The Square turn right heading Southwards along Bridge Street, go over the bridge where there is a signpost (brown bands on posts) for the walk near a stone sculpture which marks the start at NJ 480 043. There is a walker’s path on the left (east side) parallel to the main road (B9119) heading South. Follow this path South to a house at Whitely where it crosses the field & eventually the road to another path parallel to the minor road (B9094) which goes East. Follow this path East & observe the signposts until you reach the stone circle which is to the South of the road. From the stone circle head in a Southernly direction passing the Royal Observer Corps nuclear bunker on your right & head downhill following signposts & going through several wooden gates & following a rough path through whin bushes until eventually reaching some trees. There is an Eco house nearby on your left. Continue in a Southerly direction through trees until you reach a rough, potholed vehicular track where you turn right & walk to the next signpost which takes you off the track to the left. The path now heads South West passing between fields
(ploughed fields on the right & unploughed on the left at the time of writing) towards the B119 & in the direction of Drummy Wood. As the route through the woods is impracticable & as the road is busy & dangerous walkers should retrace their steps back to the stone circle & from there back to Tarland. Walking distance approx. 3.5 miles/5.5km. Ascent:60m.
Please notethat the route download to your mobile device only works if you can open gpx files (e.g. Outdoor Active or OS Apps)
Total distance: 5785 m
Max elevation: 179 m
Min elevation: 145 m
Download file: Tomnaverie Stone Circle (2).gpx

Bus departs Tarland for Aberdeen at 3.30 pm
The above notes are for guidance only and are intended as an aid to be used along with a map and compass and/or a GPS device.
In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge today should be notified, if possible, before the emergency services are contacted on 999.
The Committee Member in charge of today’s walk is Gilbert McCurdy. Mobile No. 07807240817


Online bookings are closed for this event. Please contact Gilbert to find out if there are spaces available.