Date(s) - 15/05/2022
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44 & 45
Grid Ref. Start: 541789
Grid Ref. Finish 649867
Walk (Miles): 12
Walk Hours: 6
Bus Time to Walk:2.5 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 1.5 hrs
Departure time from walk: 4:30 pm

Walk Notes

Millden Lodge to Miller’s Bog

 15th May 2022      Bus departs Aberdeen at 08.00am

O.S. Map 44 & 45


The main walk starts at Millden Lodge in Glen Esk and climbs Mount Battock following the high ground over Hill of Badymicks, Hill of Edendocher and Clachnaben before dropping into Miller’s Bog in Glendye. Please note there is limited parking for the bus at the end of the walk. The bus will be parked either beside the quarry car park at NO648868 or approx. 200m south on the B974 at a minor estate road at NO648867. If however the bus is unable to get parked, we will be picked up at approx 16.30pm at NO648867.


Route 1:- Millden Lodge to Glen Dye.

The walk starts at a small car park at Millden Lodge in Glen Esk at NO540790. Follow the minor road NW for approx half a mile and turn right to pass Muir Cottage. The track soon turns Northwards and follows the west bank of the Burn of Turret. At NO545805 take the track on the left, NW, to pass the eastern side of Allrey and climb to Wester Cairn (717M)  and then NE to the summit of Mount Battock (778M). Descend NE to a good track at NO561850 and follow this Eastwards, keeping to the high ground, to pass Hill of Badymicks, Edendocher and onwards to Clachnaben (589M).  From the summit of Clachnaben descend Eastwards to pass the west side of the trees to Miller’s Bog. Continue to the T junction at NO642861 and turn left. Continue uphill and turn right on a minor estate road at NO644864 to reach the B974 road where the bus will hopefully be parked.

Walking distance approx.12.5 miles / 20km    2500ft / 750m ascent.

Total distance: 19824 m
Max elevation: 771 m
Min elevation: 153 m
Download file: Route 1 Millden Lodge to Millers Bog.gpx


Route 2:- Charr Bothy.

If anyone would prefer to do a shorter walk the bus will continue over the B974 Cairn o’ Mount road into Glen Dye. The driver can drop you off at a minor estate road at NO 647845, just before the bridge over the Spital Burn. Take the estate track which crosses the Water of Dye and turn left at the T junction. Continue on this track which follows the North side of the river to NO620834 where the track goes uphill for a short distance and turn left at the T junction. Continue for a half mile to the Charr Bothy. Return on the same track to the T junction at NO620835 and continue straight ahead. Remain on this track, which soon turns North to NO644864 and turn right on the minor estate road to reach the B974 road where the bus will hopefully be parked.

Walking distance approx. 6 miles / 10km    450ft / 140m ascent.

Total distance: 9877 m
Max elevation: 296 m
Min elevation: 166 m
Download file: Route 2 Charr Bothy.gpx

 Bus departs for Aberdeen at 16.30pm

The above notes are for guidance only and are intended as an aid to be used along with a map and compass and/or a GPS device with OS maps.

In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge today should be notified, if possible, before the emergency services are contacted on 999.

Committee member in charge of today’s walk is Alan Wallace.  Mobile No. 07597311049.



Online bookings are closed for this event. Please contact Gilbert to find out if there are spaces available.