Date(s) - 18/03/2012
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 30
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 13
Walk Hours: 6.5
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
Departure time from walk:

Walk Notes

Our walk today takes us along an interesting part of the Formartine and Buchan Way (FBW), which was part of the Aberdeen to Fraserburgh/Peterhead railway line closed in the 1960’s. The FBW utilises the track bed of the old railway, therefore any gradients are minimal. Since its closure, some of the bridges have been removed, however, ramps have been constructed to allow safe passage at road crossings. The former railway line split at Maud, one section travelling northwards to Fraserburgh and the other (our walk today) veered eastwards to its destination at Peterhead. Because we follow the old railway line, navigation is simple – in fact you can’t go wrong (famous last words!!). We will be dropped off at Maud and the bus will travel eastwards to our pick-up point at Peterhead. If any member(s) should require a shorter walk, please advise your Committee member in charge of the bus so that early discussions can take place with the driver.

The walk commences in the village of Maud (NGR 926 479) where the start of the FBW to Peterhead is well signposted. After about 3 miles, where we cross bridges over the South Ugie Water twice (south to north then north to south), we skirt Old Deer, itself a small country village situated beside the ruins of Deer Abbey. Continuing eastwards for a further 2.5 miles brings us to Mintlaw, which hosts Aden Country Park and the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum. In another 2.5 miles eastwards, the flat land around Longside is reached, which was home to the Lenabo Airstrip Station during the Second World War where vast squadrons of planes were based all around here. We cross the South Ugie Water again over a bridge to the east of Strawberry Farm and continue eastwards past South Balmoor and Coplandhill to eventually reach the old Peterhead rail terminus (NGR 126 465) where our bus will be conveniently parked.