Date(s) - 18/08/2024
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: If Time Permits
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start: 310 852
Grid Ref. Finish 310 852
Walk (Miles): 15
Walk Hours: 8
Bus Time to Walk:2 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 2 hrs
Departure time from walk: 6:00 pm

Walk Notes

Loch Muick Circular – Various Walks
O.S. Map 44 – Ballater & Glen Clova

 There are many routes available at Loch Muick of which we have suggested 4 of, if it is your intention to do anything else please ensure your walk is within both your capabilities, the time available and the person in charge is knows the route you are taking.

Walk 1 – Lochnagar (Cac Carn Beag) – Usual Route which is Anti-clockwise.

This is a walk for fit walkers & should take about 7 hours to complete at an average pace of 3.5 km/hour (c. 2 miles/hour). This does not include rest stops so allow about another hour for breaks taking total time to approx. 8 hours.

Leave car park & head South West past toilets & visitor Centre. Take wide track off to the right at Grid. Ref. NO. 308 850 (it may be signposted as the way to Lochnagar) & walk North Westwards until you reach some stone buildings & trees. Go past buildings into the woods & cross the Allt-na-giubhsaich at the ford. Follow the wide track uphill in a Westerly direction at first then North Westerly until you reach a junction at Grid. Ref.NO. 273 862.

At this point leave the land rover track & take path that goes left (Westwards) downhill at first then upwards towards the col at base of Meikle Pap. From the col take the well made path which weaves its way Southwards uphill through the boulders & around the edge of the cliffs. At the North West ridge of Cuidhe Crom the path levels out & heads downhill in a Westerly direction skirting the cliff tops to the right. The path eventually bends upwards North West past Cac Carn Mor & then Northwards to today’s hill – Lochnagar (Cac Carn Beag)(1,115m).

Retrace your steps back past Cac Carn Mor being careful not to take the path off to the right at Grid. Ref. NO. 245 856 as this leads to The Stuic. About 300m further on at Grid. Ref. 249 853 take the path off to the right which heads South East & follows the Glas Allt burn downhill on a well made path. Cross the bridge & continue downhill to reach the waterfall.

From here continue on the path downhill to reach the woods around Glas Allt Shiel. There is a bothy at the rear of the main building which may be used for a rest stop. Head South East towards Loch Muick & take the land rover track North East until you reach the boat house at the end of the loch Grid. Ref. NO. 295 844. Take the path Eastwards across the end of the loch & eventually cross the bridge over the outflow from the loch.

From here walk up to meet the land rover track on the East side of Loch Muick & follow it Northwards back to the car park & the bus at the Spittal of Glenmuick.

Walking distance approx. 10.5 miles/19km. Ascent: 895m.

Total distance: 19977 m
Max elevation: 1147 m
Min elevation: 394 m
Download file: Walk-1-Lochnagar.gpx

Walk 2 – The Capel Mounth circuit.

Leave car park & head South West past toilets & visitor Centre, head towards Loch Muick, but at NGR 304 846 veer left (there was a signpost – Glen Clova by Capel Mounth – but it may be missing now) and ascend gradually S’wards on a wide track for about 5 miles, passing along the west side of Black Hill and Ferrowie before descending steeply into Glen Clova.

Here you join a path (NGR 284 772) heading N’wards towards Moulzie. Continue N’wards crossing the South Esk on a “newish” footbridge and veering W’wards to Bachnagairn. Cross the footbridge here and climb N’wards to reach Sandy Hillocks stables (NGR 256 808) above Coire Chash.

Descend the refurbished “streak o’ lightning” path to reach the S shore of Loch Muick (NGR 273 818). Head NE’wards along this path for about 3.5 miles to arrive back at the Spittal bus park.

Walking distance approx. 14 miles.

Total distance: 23561 m
Max elevation: 709 m
Min elevation: 273 m
Download file: Walk-2-Capel-Mounth.gpx

Walk 3 – Broad Cairn

Leave car park & head South West past toilets & visitor Centre, head towards Loch Muick, follow South shore of Loch Muick and climb a zig-zag path above the Black Burn NGR 289823.

Continue along this high track above the loch to arrive at Sandy Hillock’s stables NGR 256 808. Follow the path NW’wards to gain the summit of Broad Cairn.

From the summit, head towards Cairn Bannoch and drop down towards the Allt an Dubh Loch. Follow an indistinct path on the N side of the stream to gain a good path along the N side of the Dubh Loch.

Return to the Spittal car park by following the path along the N sides of both Dubh Loch and Loch Muck.

Alternatively, when you reach the Summit retrace your steps back to the streak of lighting path NGR 259809 descend on the path and follow the path round either side of the Loch back to the car park.

Walking distance 15 miles.

Total distance: 22841 m
Max elevation: 992 m
Min elevation: 400 m
Download file: Walk-3-Broad-Cairn.gpx

Walk 4 – Circuit of Loch Muick (clockwise).

This is the shortest walk today & should be within the capabilities of most walkers. The walk should take around 3.75 hours walking at 3.5 km/hour (about 2 miles/hour). After adding on an hour for rest stops total time would be around 5 hours.

From the car park head past the toilets & visitor centre to reach the land rover track on the Eastern/Southern side of Loch Muick. Follow along this wide track until you reach the bridge at Black Burn. From here turn off right to follow the narrow path along the edge of Loch Muick. Cut across the head of the loch (this may be wet depending on recent weather) & take the path which heads Eastwards towards the woods & Glas Allt Shiel.. There is a bothy at the rear of the building which may be used for a rest stop. Continue North East along the land rover track which keeps to the edge of the loch. Follow the instructions from this point as per those used on Walk 2 to find your way back to the bus.

Walking distance approx. 7.5 miles/12 km. Ascent:220 m.

Total distance: 12101 m
Max elevation: 446 m
Min elevation: 399 m
Download file: Walk-4-Circuit-of-Loch.gpx

Bus departs Spittal of Glenmuick car park for Aberdeen at 6.00 pm. There may be a pub stop but only if time allows.

The above notes are for guidance only and are intended as an aid to be used along with a map and compass and/or a GPS device.

In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge today should be notified, if possible, before the emergency services are contacted on 999.

The Committee Member in charge of today’s walk is Wendy Godsman