Date(s) - 04/08/2013
All Day

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 43
Grid Ref. Start: 063898
Grid Ref. Finish 063898
Walk (Miles): 18
Walk Hours: 9
Bus Time to Walk:2.5
Bus Time from Walk: 2.5
Departure time from walk: 1830

Walk Notes

Although the two main objectives today are the ascents of Ben Macdui (1309m), the second highest mountain in Scotland and, Derry Cairngorm (1155m), other climbs and walks from the Linn o’ Dee car park are an option. 4 walks are suggested for today’s outing – please indicate your intended walk on the attendance sheet, prior to leaving the bus.

(1) A low level circular walk. From the car park, go westwards to white bridge and take the path northwards up Glen Dee on the east side of the River Dee. At about NGR 985 953, a path folds back SE’wards and then W’wards along the north side of the Allt Preas Nam Meirleach below the south shoulder of Carn a’Mhaim to eventually cross the Luibeg Burn. This path soon reaches Derry Lodge and your return track SE’wards down Glen Lui to the bus carpark at Linn o’Dee.

                                                             Walking distance approximately 15 miles

(2) Beinn Bhreac. Take the route to Derry Lodge. From here go northwards on a good track up the east side of the Derry Burn and branch off near (NGR 045 951) and ascend the hillside to reach a path near the head of Pol Bhat. Climb to the summit of Beinn Bhreac by this path. Your return route can be a reversal of your inward route or descend into Glen Quoich by Pol Bhat, head S’wards down this glen and return into Glen Lui by the Clais Fhearnaig ravine, then head SE’wards to the Linn o’Dee carpark.                                                      Walking distance approx. 14miles

(3) Derry Cairngorm. Take the route to Derry Lodge. Cross the Derry Burn footbridge and climb through the trees and stiles towards Carn  Crom (890m). Continue N’wards along this high ridge for about 2 miles to the summit cone of Derry Cairngorm (1155m). From the summit boulder field, head north towards Creagan a’ Choire Etchachan (1108m) and descend towards |Loch Etchachan. Join the path descending into Coire Etchachan and the Hutchison Memorial Hut. Continue on a good path SE’wards into Glen Derry. Head S’wards down this glen for about 3.5 miles on a good path to Derry Lodge where a wide track leads SE’wards back to the bus park at Linn o’ Dee.                                       Walking distance approx. 16 miles

 (4) Ben Macdui. Take the route to Derry Lodge, then head up Glen Derry into Coire Etchachan as far as Loch Etchachan. From here, follow a good track SW’wards which eventually skirts the edge of Coire Sputan Dearg before swinging W’wards to the summit of Ben Macdui (1309m). Return to the bus by retracing your inwards route or descending into Glen Luibeg by the Sron Riach shoulder path and onwards to the path towards Derry Lodge, which then heads SE’wards to the bus at Linn o’ Dee carpark.