Date(s) - 31/08/2008
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 43 and 44
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Walk (Miles):
Walk Hours: 12
Bus Time to Walk:
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Walk Notes

Today’s walks are in the Invercauld estate area of Upper Deeside. The bus will park at Keiloch from where there are many possibilities for circular walks. Three of these are described below.
1) Carn na Drochaide (818m, 2683 ft) take the estate road past Invercauld House and Alltdourie up into Glen Slugain to near Slugain Lodge. From there climb southwards following a burn up on to Carn Na Criche (737m, 2417 ft). From the top follow the ridge south-eastwards to reach the summit of Carn Na Drochaide about a mile away. From the summit there are several possible routes of descent :-
(a) Descend eastwards into Glen Slugain and follow the estate road back to Keiloch. Walking distance = 12 miles
(b) Descend via Carn Dearg south-westwards down in to Lower Glen Quoich and follow the estate roads back along the Dee Valley past Allanmore and Balnagower to near Invercauld House and so back to Keiloch. Walking distance = 15 miles
(c) Descend via Can Dearg and south-eastwards into Glen Dee to join the estate road near Allanmore and follow it eastwards by Balnagower and Invercauld House back to Keiloch. Walking distance=12miles
(2) Carn Liath (862m, 2827 ft) :- Take the estate road past Invercauld House and Allt Dourie to pick up a track just beyond there on the right hand side which climbs northwards through the forest to drop down into the glen of Glas Allt Beag. The track follows the glen to climb up to the col just to the west of Carn Liath. From the summit a descent may be made south-eastwards to pick up the track near the Allt Cul and follow it southwards down through the forest toward Invercauld House and the road back to Keiloch. Walking Distance=10 miles.
(3) Carn An T’Sagairt Mor (1047m, 3434 ft) :- this Munro lies to the south of the Dee Valley. It can be reached by taking a track from Invercauld Bridge over the river Dee and up through Ballochbuie Forest. The Feindallacher Burn is then followed to climb Carn An T’Sagairt Beag and then Carn An T’Sagairt Mor. The return journey is then best made by retracing the route back to Keiloch.
A better route, however, is from Glen Callater and if sufficient members choose this walk perhaps the bus driver can be asked after dropping the parties on climbs (1) and (2) at Keiloch, to take the bus round via Braemar to Auchallater to drop this party before returning to Keiloch.
The estate road up Glen Callater is followed to Lochcallater Lodge where a path north-eastwards to Carn An T’Sagairt Mor is followed.
From the summit descend via Carn An T’Sagairt Beag down to the Feindallacher Burn. The track from there down through Ballochbuie Forest to reach Invercauld Bridge is then followed and a return made to Keiloch.