Date(s) - 15/05/2016
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 36 & 43
Grid Ref. Start: 188914
Grid Ref. Finish 188914
Walk (Miles): 16
Walk Hours: 8
Bus Time to Walk:2 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 1.5 hrs
Departure time from walk: 6:00 p.m.

Walk Notes

Please note bus fares have been increased by £1 for current season. Member’s ticket is now £11 & Non-Member’s ticket is £16. It would be appreciated if walkers have the correct fare on the day. Thanks.

O.S.Maps 36&43 (Grantown & Aviemore and Braemar).

N.B. 8.00am start from Aberdeen.

Today’s walks, sees your Club back on Deeside, to traverse the hills and valleys around the Invercauld Estate. David Fenlon suggested one of these walks and your committee included it in the 2016 Programme. These are circular walks, so members requiring a shorter, or different walk, please discuss your intentions with the Committee member in charge today.

Two walks are suggested below:

  1. From the bus at the Keiloch car park (NGR 188 914), take the road NE ‘wards towards Felagie, but at a split in the path (NGR 190 917), head NWwards on a wide track which soon climbs through the forest towards Jimmy Bremner’s (late of AHWC) seat. Continue on this track as it winds downhill and soon heads N’wards to a path which eventually veers E’wards along the south side of Meall Gorm and climbs southerly to the summit of Craig Leek. Retrace your steps back to the incoming track. Head E’wards and soon SE’wards, on a good path (not marked on the map) to eventually gain the main track at approx. NGR 197 925. Turn right and head SW’wards, passing Felagie, back to the bus. Walking distance approx. 8miles.
  1. From the bus, go NW’wards towards Invercauld House but, at approx. NGR 176 924 (signpost to Tomintoul), go N’wards for about 5.5 miles to the path which accesses the summit of Culardoch (900m). From this summit, head SE’wards into Glen Fearder to pick up the path going SW’wards. Follow this path downwards to a split (NGR 191 971). Go left (SE’wards) around the west side of Bhonic (633m), and then onwards to Auchtaven. Continue on this path towards the ruin at Ratlich, passing Balmore & Balnoe to join a main track at approx. NGR 214 936. Go SW’wards to Felagie and onwards to the bus at Keiloch. Walking distance approx. 16 miles.

Bus leaves for the short pub stop at Ballater at 6.00pm.

In the event of an emergency, your Committee member in charge today should be contacted, if possible, before the police are contacted.

Telephone number for Grampian Police is 0845 600 5700 or 999.

Your Committee member in charge today is Alan Wallace


Online bookings are closed for this event. Please contact Gilbert to find out if there are spaces available.