Date(s) - 20/04/2014
8:00 am - 7:00 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start: 447804
Grid Ref. Finish 447804
Walk (Miles): 12
Walk Hours: 6
Bus Time to Walk:2.5
Bus Time from Walk: 2
Departure time from walk: 16:30

Walk Notes

The walk today, takes your Club back into the Angus Glens. We travel to the end of Glen Lee and our bus will be parked all day at the Invermark car park. This walk is a circular one, so members who require a shorter walk – please indicate your intentions with your committee member in charge of the bus.

Our walk starts at Invermark (NGR 447 804). From this spot, walk W’wards towards Loch Lee, passing Invermark castle on your left on the way. Walk along the wide track on the N side of the loch towards Glenlee cottage. Continue NW’wards to cross a footbridge (NGR 395 804) over the Water of Lee. Once across the bridge, we now follow a path W’wards to soon arrive at the Falls of Unich. Continue S’wards up the gorge on the right hand side of the river until the Falls of Damff (NGR 385 791) are reached. Just above the falls, a footbridge is crossed to the east side of the river, (DO NOT FOLLOW THE TRACK ON THE WEST SIDE OF THE RIVER, ALONG THE SOUTH EAST SIDE OF CRAIG DAMFF TOWARDS THE FORD, AS PROBLEMS CROSSING THE RIVER HERE, HAVE BEEN ENCOUNTERED BEFORE). Once over the footbridge, a faint path ascends over rough ground to soon join a good path coming up from the “ford” which climbs and eventually contours the south side of Cairn Lick (682m). This wide path then descends the Shank of Inchgundle to eventually enter trees and crosses a footbridge over a burn above Inchgrundle farm. Continue N’wards on this wide track and cross the Water of Lee on a bridge at the west end of Loch Lee. Turn E’wards on to your incoming track and return along the northern shore of Loch Lee to Invermark. Your bus will be conveniently parked at the Invermark car park (NGR 447 804).
Walking distance approx. 12 miles