Date(s) - 16/08/2009
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 43
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 15
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
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Walk Notes

The walk today visits some of the hills to the south of Inverey on Upper Deeside. Two circular walks are described below but other walks are possible because the bus will be parked at Inverey all day (NGR.088.892), however if any other walks are undertaken please indicate your route on the attendance sheet for safety reasons.
From the telephone kiosk at the west end of the village cross the bridge over the Ey Water and take the road to the left up the west bank of the burn to pass Loin-a-Veaich. Continue on this road up Glen Connie first and then Glen Christie for two miles to climb up to the head of the glen to the col at the south of Carn Liath (NGR.035.863)
(1) For those heading for Carn Liath, turn northwards and make the half mile climb to the summit (818m., 2683ft). The descent may be made either by the ridge eastwards over Carn na Moine to pick up a forest track over Creag a’Chait, which descends through the trees northwards to come out on the Linn of Dee road just beyond Inverey. Alternatively, by heading northwards over Carn an Leth-allt to reach Dalvorar Burn, one can pick up a track on the south bank of the Dee, head eastwards to the Linn of Dee and then follow the road for a mile and a half back to the bus at Inverey.
Maximum walking distance = 10 miles
(2) For Carn Bhac turn southwards from the col and climb the broad ridge leading in two miles to the summit of Geal Charn (878m, 2880ft) From the top descend eastwards for about half a mile and then climb southwards to reach the summit of Carn Bhac at the 920m., 3017ft. central top. The highest point of this hill is actually the northeast top (946m.,3102ft.), which is about a mile away but is not identified on the map. The most obvious descent route from the summit is eastwards down the glen of the Allt-an-Odhar burn, which leads to the ruin of Alanour Lodge in the remains of its clump of trees. From here it is a long but fairly level walk of five miles down Glen Ey by the estate road back to the bus at Inverey. An alternative descent route, with less road walking, is to head eastwards from the summit round the headwaters of the Allt Connie towards Carn Creagach. Around the 800 metre level on the latter hill turn northwards and descend the long ridge between the glens of Allt Connie and the Allt an t’Sionnaich. A path is soon picked up which follows the ridge down to join the estate road near the ruin of Auchelie, from where it is two miles down the glen back to the bus.