Date(s) - 03/02/2013
All Day

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 10
Walk Hours: 5
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
Departure time from walk:

Walk Notes

This route was suggested by Moira West on her “suggestion sheet” for the 2012 walks programme and was included by your Committee for this year’s outings. Because this walk is a through-route, any member(s) who require(s) a shorter walk would have to travel to the finishing point with the bus and do their own thing in that area. This is possible, so if any member(s) should require a shorter walk, please advise your committee member in charge of the bus so that early discussions can take place with the driver.

We will be dropped off at the car park above the visitor centre in Glen Tanar (NGR 480 965). From the bus, cross the humped back bridge over the Water of Tanar and follow a good track southwards towards St Elmo’s chapel. Continue along the east side of the Water of Tanar and DO NOT DEVIATE left at a path split which is the route of the “Firmounth Road”. Continue SW’wards, past a bridge on your right, towards a second stone bridge (NGR 466 938) below the nothwest side of  “The Strone” (369m). Turn sharp right to cross this bridge over the Water of Gairney and head NW’wards for about half a mile and cross another stone bridge over the Water of Tanar (NGR 461 941). Turn sharp left, (after crossing this bridge) and continue through Glen Tanar forest, firstly W’wards and then SW’wards to eventually reach the “Half Way Hut” (NGR 436 931) below the Burn of Glendui. Continue SW’wards and out of the forest into open land. At another split in the track (NGR 425 922) take the right hand path which heads slightly uphill overlooking Etnach farm. At another split in the path (NGR 414 918), turn sharp right and head northwards, uphill, between Knockie Branar (606m) and Cairn Nairvie to eventually pass a small tarn on your left at the Black Moss col. Continue NE’wards, (ignoring a path on your left going to Creag Mullach), to eventually reach Greystone and Tombae in about 2 miles. Once on the B976 South Deeside Road, look for our bus which will be parked at a convenient spot.