Date(s) - 12/09/2010
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 14
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
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Walk Notes

Todays walks explores some of the lower hills in and around Glen Tanar, one of the interesting glens in Upper Deeside. The bus will be parked all day in the car park opposite the visitor centre (NGR 479 965). Three circular walks are suggested and are described below. You may however decide on some alternative route. For safety reasons please indicate to your Committee member in charge today of your intentions.
(1) CLACHAN YELL (626m). From the car park, take the road up the glen past the Home Farm buildings for approx. 2 miles to the stone bridge over the Water of Tanar (NGR 461 941). Cross the bridge, veer left, and soon reach a junction of tracks (NGR 464 939) when you go right. This good track climbs SSW up through the forest to soon contour the east side of White Hill. Eventually leave this track at a convenient point and follow a line of least resistance to reach the summit of Clachan Yell. From the top, you can either retrace your steps back to the bus (Distance 10 miles), or head south westwards to pick up a wide track (near NGR 437 902) that soon contours below Black Craig and Red Craig to descend to a stone bridge (NGR 413 908) about 700m SSW of the farm of Etnach. Follow this path north eastwards and after about one kilometre, cross a bridge over the Water of Tanar to its north side. You are now in Upper Glen Tanar. Follow this track mostly north eastwards, past “half way hut” and eventually back to Home Farm and the bus park. Distance approx. 13 miles
(2) Baudy Meg (488m) From the car park cross the stone bridge over the Water of Tanar, past the Visitor Centre to take the track up the east side of the glen and the Chapel to eventually reach a track junction at NGR 479 953. Take the signposted right-of-way (Firmounth Road) track which climbs southwards uphill above the Burn of Skinna to reach another track junction at NGR 483 930. Leave the Firmounth Road track and follow another path eastwards through the forest before it eventually turns northwards on to the southern slopes of Baudy Meg. The summit is upwards and to the west of this track. From the summit descend northeastwards to pick up a good track at a junction (NGR 498 942). Continue for about 200m and take the left hand fork of the three paths northwestwards and into the forest past the west side of Black Craig and above an unnamed burn to soon reach the secondary road coming up from Bridge of Ess at NGR 486 962. Turn left here to return to your outward route at the Chapel where the track back to the Visitor Centre is joined. Cross the stone bridge to gain the car park (NGR 479 965). Distance approximately 9 miles
(3) Cock Cairn (727m). Follow the route of walk (1) as far as the track junction at NGR 464 939. Go straight ahead here till you reach the stone bridge at NGR 465 938. Go right at the bridge and head southwestwards along the Water of Allachy to veer right at NGR 482 921 and head southwards and then southwestwards to eventually gain the summit of Cock Cairn. From the summit head northwards for Little Cockcairn (623m) and descend on a good track to cross the Water of Gairney. Go right on this track (NGR 452 907) to the east of Clachan Yell to return (northwards) into Glen Tanar. Take the tracks on either side of the Water of Tanar to return you to the car park where the bus is parked.