Date(s) - 12/05/2013
8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start: 480966
Grid Ref. Finish 480966
Walk (Miles): 14
Walk Hours: 7
Bus Time to Walk:1.5
Bus Time from Walk: 1
Departure time from walk: 1630

Walk Notes

This area throws up many lovely circular walks of around 10 to 14 miles, but if any member(s) require(s) a shorter walk, please advise your committee member in charge of the bus today. Two walks are suggested below and for safety reasons, please indicate on the attendance sheet which walk you will be doing.

  1. Baudy Meg (488m). We will be dropped off at the car park above the visitor centre in Glen Tanar (NGR 480 965). From the bus, cross the stone humped back bridge over the Water of Tanar and follow a good track southwards towards St Elmo’s chapel. Continue along the east side of the Water of Tanar and just past a bridge over the Water of Tanar, veer SE’wards at a path split which is the route of the “Firmounth Road”. Continue for about 300m along this path and at about NGR 481 951 take the left hand path at a split in the forest trail. Continue ascending through the forest to a T junction on open ground. Turn left and head E’wards on a wide track below the north side of Baudy Meg to reach another split in the path. Turn right and head southwards. At a suitable spot, leave the track and climb (approx 50m ascent) to the summit of Baudy Meg. From the top descend back to the path and continue S’wards. At NGR 496 929 turn W’wards on a good path through the forest to a path split at NGR 483 930. Turn left (SE’wards), and soon cross the Burn of Skinna and continue S’wards, ignoring a path on your left heading SE’wards. Join a track at NGR 482 921 which descends NW’wards through the forest on the right hand side of the Water of Allachy to eventually arrive at a stone bridge over the Water of Gairney (NGR 466 938). Cross this bridge and soon, another bridge, over the Water of Tanar (NGR 461 941). Head NE’wards along the north side of the Water of Tanar towards Home Farm and onwards to the start point.       Distance approx. 12 miles.
  2. Clachan Yell (626m). From the visitor centre head SW’wards towards Home Farm and its small car park. Follow the waymarked trail along the north and west side of the buildings and onwards, (S’wards & SW’wards) through the forest along the NW side of the Water of Tanar for about 3 miles to reach “half way hut”. From here, continue SW’wards and cross a stone footbridge near Etnach farm on to the south side of the river. At another stone footbridge (NGR 413 908) pick up a footpath which ascends the south sides of Red Craig and Black Craig, ignoring a path heading S’wards at NGR 431 899. At a convenient place (around NGR 437 902), leave the path and climb the SW shoulder of Clachan Yell to gain its summit. From the top descend over heather to regain the wide track heading into the forest below the E side of White Hill. Continue on this track to a T junction at NGR 465 939. Turn right and after about 200m cross a stone bridge over the Water of Gairney. Turn left and head NE’wards along the east side of the river to St.

Elmo’s chapel and cross the humped back bridge at the visitor centre to the bus car park.