Date(s) - 03/08/2008
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 14
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
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Walk Notes

The walk today follows the ridge of hills to the north east of Glen Clova
The main route extends to 14 miles with around 4500 feet of climbing altogether but two shorter walks are described below.
(1) The main route starts at Glenmoy Farm in Glenmoye (NGR.402.646) and heads north up the glen to Shank where the climbing starts. A path skirts Shank Hill and continues northwards up the glen to the head. The path then turns northwest and climbs to the top of Manywee Hill (680m., 2230ft). from there head northeastwards to Finbracks Hill (756m., 2749ft) and continue over Meg Swerie and Potty Lednar before bearing north west and climbing White Hill (778m., 2551ft). From there head nortwesterly along the ridge to Cairn Trench (800m., 2624ft) and Black Shank (823m., 2699ft). Turn more westerly skirting the north slopes of Ben Tirran and the Craigs of Loch Wharral to reach Green Hill (870m., 2853ft), the highest point of the route. From there pick up the path which descends via the east slopes of the corrie containing Loch Brandy and follows the burn down to the trees behind Clova Hotel, where the bus will be parked. Walking time = about 8 hours.
(2)For the shorter walks remain on the bus while it heads round Glen Clova.
(A) Half way up the glen one alternative starts at Rottal (NGR.370.697) where a track climbs up beside the burn of Heughs and on up the ridge to the summit of White Hill (778m., 2551ft), where we pick up the route via Cairn Trench and Black Shank and past the Craigs of Loch Wharral to reach Green Hill, as before, and the path down to Clova Hotel (NGR.328.731).
Walking distance = 10 miles with ascent 2250ft. Time taken = about 6 hours
(B) A mile further up Glen Clova another path starts at Wheen (NGR.362.710) and climbs northwards, skirting a plantation of trees and the east slopes of the corrie containing Loch Wharral, to reach the summit of Ben Tirran (896m., 2938ft). From there follow the ridge round the Craigs of Loch Wharral the head westwards to Green Hill and pick up the path which descends by the corrie of Loch Brandy to Clova Hotel and the bus.