Date(s) - 27/04/2008
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 43 and 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 14
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
Departure time from walk:

Walk Notes

The walk today takes us from Upper Glen Isla over a ridge of hills running northwards to Glen Doll.

The walk commences at Little Forter in Glen Isla (NGR.187.649) just before the bridge over the River Isla. A track leaves the road on the right hand side and after skirting a plantation of trees climbs uphill north-eastwards to a tributary of the Muckle Burn.
Leave the burn and climb westwards on to the ridge of hills which runs northwards to arrive on the summit of Badandun Hill (740m,2427 ft).

From the summit descend the ridge leading north-eastwards to a col where the main tributary of the Muckle Burn rises and turning northwards climb to the top of Craig Lair (711m, 2332ft). Continue northwards over Mid Hill (774m,2538 tf) and then north-Eastwards over Bawhelps to South Craig (836m,2742 ft).
From there head north to a col where the Mayar Burn rises and then turn eastwards to climb to the summit of Mayar (928m,3043 ft).
From the summit descend eastwards to pick up the Kilbo Path which comes up from the Shank of Drumwhallo and crosses the ridge before descending the Shank of Drumfollow into Glen Doll Forest.
This path is then followed down through the forest to reach the White Water Burn opposite Glendoll Lodge. The track then follows the bank of the burn eastwards to a bridge which we cross to join the road coming up Glen Doll between the cottage called the Doll and the farm of Acharn.
The road is then followed eastwards down the glen to the car park at Braedownie where the bus will be waiting (NGR.288.757)