Date(s) - 07/12/2008
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 7
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
Departure time from walk:

Walk Notes

The walk today is in Upper Deeside and traverses a part of the Balmoral Estate.
The walk commences at Easter Balmoral on the B976 South Deeside Road at NGR 264.942, where we take the secondary road up past the Balmoral Distillery to a junction at NGR 271.941. Here we branch right and head uphill past Buailteach Farm and continue skirting Tom Bad A’ Mhonaidh to reach another track junction at NGR 290.922. Turn left here and take the track past Bovaglie Farm before turning northwards into upper Glen Girnock. The track down the glen is then followed past Loinveg and onwards downhill to eventually come out on the B976 road at Littlemill, where the bus will be waiting (NGR 325.957)