Date(s) - 23/05/2010
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 44
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 12
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
Bus Time from Walk:
Departure time from walk:

Walk Notes

Today’s walk takes us into one of the Angus Glens where you have the option to do some circular walks starting and ending near Braedownie quarry (NGR 288 757). However, if our driver reckons that the weight restriction on the bridge over the River South Esk is acceptable, then our coach will be parked at the campsite NGR 284 761 on the west side of the River South Esk – all day. 3 walks are suggested, please indicate your intended walk on the route sheet and with the committee organiser.
(1) A low level walk. Head up upper Glen Clova on the east side of the river, bypassing the farm at Moulzie and eventually crossing a bridge over the river below “The Strone” at about NGR 277 789. From a generally northwest direction, the path now swings westerly and a lovely walk, hemmed in by crags on both sides will soon take you to the bridge (NGR 254 796) near Bachnagairn and a return to the bus by the same inward route. Distance approximately 9 miles.
(2) Corrie Fee and part of Jock’s Road circular. Head west up Glen Doll past Glen Doll Lodge and take the left path at NGR 268 760 and walk southwesterly to cross the bridge over the White Water river. Keep heading southwestwards to stay on the east side of the Fee Burn. Climb the steep track up Corrie Fee to the plateau and head southwards to the summit of Mayar (928m). From the summit cairn, head basically northwestwards and contour the flattish ground past Dun Hillocks and cross the Burn of Fialzioch. Keep to the east side of Meikle Kilrannoch and cross the White Water burn to gain the Shelter known as “Davie’s Bourragh” on Jock’s Road. From the shelter descend southeastwards down Jock’s Road into Glen Doll and follow the well defined path through the forest eastwards to the bus parked in Glen Clova.
Distance approximately 12 miles.
(3) Loch Esk and Bachnagairn circular. This walk can be done either clockwise
or anti-clockwise. The following text describes the walk clockwise. Head up Glen Doll past Glen Doll Lodge and keep right at the path split which keeps you on the north side of the White Water river. Follow the track through the forest and eventually emerge on to open ground after a gate. Continue basically northwestwards on a good path up Jock’s Road to eventually reach a shelter at NGR 232 778. Continue approximately half a mile northwestwards to a path split at around NGR 230 785 and head northeasterly, keeping to the west side of Craigs of Loch Esk (851m). The sometimes indistinct path (look out and follow white post markers) leads you past the southeast corner of lonely Loch Esk before dropping down towards the bridge above Bachnagairn. A good path heads eastwards down upper Glen Clova to cross the South Esk river by a bridge to the east of The Strone. The route swings southwards towards Moulzie and on through the forest to the bus at Glen Clova.
Distance 10 miles.