Date(s) - 02/11/2014
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 29
Grid Ref. Start: 800 648
Grid Ref. Finish 845 652
Walk (Miles): 8
Walk Hours: 4
Bus Time to Walk:2.00 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 1.50 hrs
Departure time from walk: 15:30

Walk Notes

AHWC. Gardenstown to Pennan (coastal walk).
2nd November 2014. O.S.Map 29 (Banff).
N.B. 9.00am start from Aberdeen.
The walk today takes your Club northwards to the Moray Firth coast. This walk is a through one, so members who require a shorter walk – please indicate your intentions with your committee member in charge of the bus. The tides are such, that we will be able to cross the west beach to Gardenstown – high tide 0735 and low tide at 1355 (tidal data for Banff).
The walk commences at a large lay-by on the B9031 road bend just west of Afforsk (NGR 788 635). From the bus, cross the road and head NE’wards down a wide track towards the ruin of St John’s chapel on a shelf overlooking Gamrie Bay.. Before reaching the chapel, a path heads downwards to the beach to cross below the cliffs to the outskirts of Gardenstown. The tides are such that we will be able to cross below the cliffs to Gardenstown. Continue NE’wards along the shore to the village of Crovie. This village consists of about forty cottages, now mainly holiday homes, but at one time, sixty or so fishing boats operated from the harbour. Our path leaves the village and climbs NE’wards past the deserted Crovie farm and onwards to Northfield farm. We then go onwards to the Trig point on Troup Head and in good visibility the views from here are outstanding, stretching from the Bin of Cullen to the west and eastwards along the coastline towards Fraserburgh. Your route soon heads towards the Lion’s Head, Hell’s Lum and Cullykhan Bay with the ruins of Fort Fiddes (built during the Napoleonic Wars) on the edge of the cliffs. From below a small car park above this bay, continue E’wards along the coast to arrive at the schoolhouse above the village of Pennan. The steep road down to this village is not suitable for our bus, so it will be parked at the large lay-by at the top of the hill.
Walking distance approx. 8 miles.