Date(s) - 31/03/2024
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: If Time Permits
O/S Map Sheet No.: 29
Grid Ref. Start: 788 635
Grid Ref. Finish 845 652
Walk (Miles): 8
Walk Hours: 4
Bus Time to Walk:2 hrs
Bus Time from Walk: 1.5 hrs
Departure time from walk: 3:00 pm

Walk Notes

Gamrie to Pennan

Today’s walk follows the coastline from Gardenstown via Crovie to finish above Pennan.  The walk starts on the B9031 at the top of the access road for the ruin of St John’s church (NJ 790 636).  Follow the road down past the car park to reach the church (NJ 791 644).  At the church, turn right to follow the path which goes south, then back north to reach the shoreline to the west of Gardenstown.  Walk along the beach to the harbour and continue to reach the footpath to Crovie, which follows the base of the cliff.  At Crovie, cross the small footbridge just before the pier (NJ 808 655) and follow the path upwards to reach a road (NJ 809 654); turn left here and continue along the road, taking the left branch at NJ 810 655 to reach Crovie Farm.  Continue past the farm and turn left at NJ 816 663 through the gate to enter the RSPB Troup Head reserve.  Continue along the path that follows the line of the cliffs; there is an access point onto the cliffs to view the gannet colony, the only mainland colony in the UK.  It is possible to walk from here along the cliff top as far as NJ 827 671 before rejoining the main path.  Continue along this path to reach the RSPB car park at NJ 822 664.  From here, follow the road towards the access road for Northfield Farm, then follow the fence line through farm land in a roughly easterly direction towards Cullykhan Bay.  At NJ 829 662, it is also possible to turn north to reach a cliff top path that reaches Cullykhan Bay.  Climb down to sea level, passing the interesting cavern of Hell’s Lum and crossing the burn at NJ 837 663 before climbing back up to pass Fort Fiddes, the site of historic settlements from the bronze age onwards, and Cullykhan Bay on the way to the car park.  From here, take the road south that leads to the B9031; turn left here and walk along the road to reach the crossroads at NJ 845 652 where the bus will be parked.  If time allows, you can walk down to visit Pennan, location for the 1983 film Local Hero.

Walking distance 7.5 miles

Please note that the route downloaded to your mobile device only works if you can open gpx files (e.g Outdooractive)

Total distance: 12060 m
Max elevation: 124 m
Min elevation: -1 m
Download file: Gamrie-to-Pennan-1.gpx

Bus departs for Aberdeen at 3.00 pm.

The above notes are for guidance only and are intended as an aid to be used along with a map and compass and/or a GPS device.

In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge today should be notified, if possible, before the emergency services are contacted on 999.

The Committee Member in charge of today’s walk is Janet Rickard. Mobile No. 07919 587428


Online bookings are closed for this event. Please contact Gilbert to find out if there are spaces available.