Date(s) - 20/06/2010
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 36
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 13
Walk Hours:
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Walk Notes

Todays walk takes us to the Braes of Abernethy to cross the hills and moors towards Tomintoul.We commence our walk at the end of a secondary metalled road near Dorback Lodge – NGR 077 168.
Walk (a) Tomintoul by Ca-du Ford.
For those members wishing to head directly for Tomintoul via the Ca du ford, a landrover track leaves the starting point and goes northeastwards before soon swinging southeastwards through the valley of the Allt Mor to the west of Tom na Fianaig (504m). The path eventually crosses Allt Dearcaige and arrives at a bothy NGR 144 136 below Carn Ruadh-bhreac (618m). Our route now contours north eastwards below this hill along the Water of Ailnack to the Ca-du Ford. If the river is in spate and not safe to cross take the path on the west side of the Water of Ailnack and head northeastwards towards Delnabo and then onwards to Tomintoul. Otherwise, cross the stream at the ford and head eastwards for the ruined building in the valley at NGR 124 127. A path from here heads eastwards towards Wester Gaulrig and eventually crosses the River Avon at a bridge to arrive at its east side near to Auchnahyle. Follow the riverside track northwards past Birchfield and then the bridge at Delvovar to soon join the metalled road which leads to Tomintoul. The bus will be parked near the Square and close to the Ben Avon Hotel.
Walking distance 12 miles
Walk (b) Tomintoul via Geal Charn, Geal Charn Beag and Ca-du Ford.
From the starting point, either take a path which goes southeastwards through the trees towards Upper Dell or follow the wider track below Dorback Lodge as in Walk (a) and branch off right to Upper Dell. Your route then heads southwards on a wider track towards two small lochans on your left-hand side. Our route swings southeastwards again and soon crosses the Allt na h – Eirghe and then the Allt nan Gamhuinn. From the end of this track, climb the western shoulder of Coire an Uillt Mhoir to reach the summit of Geal Charn (821m). Go east south – eastwards down this hill’s shoulder to soon cross flattish ground to gain the top of Geal Charn Beag (759m). Descend north eastwards from the summit of this hill to soon pick up a path leading to the bothy (NGR 144 136) below Carn Ruadh-bhreac (618m). Your route from the bothy to Tomintoul is now as described in walk (a).
Walking distance 13 miles