Date(s) - 17/03/2024
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: If Time Permits
O/S Map Sheet No.: 45
Grid Ref. Start: 844 883
Grid Ref. Finish 791 893
Walk (Miles): 12
Walk Hours: 6
Bus Time to Walk:1 hr
Bus Time from Walk: 1 hr
Departure time from walk: 4:00 pm

Walk Notes

Bus departs Aberdeen at 09.00am – NB: Due to Roadworks the 2nd pick-up point for this walk has been changed from the bus stop near Allanvale Cemetery on Great Southern Road to Riverside Drive/Riverside Place close to the junction with Holburn Street.

O.S. Map 45

Today’s walk starts from a small car park on the A957 “Slug Road” and follows the Cowie Water and forest tracks through Fetteresso Forest to a parking area on the A957 road approx 4 miles west of our start point.

Main Walk:- From the car park at NGR 844 883 head Westwards then NorthWestwards  and after approx. 0.5mile/0.8km take the path on the right which descends to the Cowie Water. Continue southwards following the river before climbing steeply and head SouthWestwards to reach a minor road. Turn left along the road for approx. 400m and take the forest track on the right which soon passes under electricity cables. Continue Westwards on the forest track, ignoring any tracks off to the right, passing the south side of Elf Hill and soon pass under more electricity cables to reach a track junction at NGR 773 863. Turn left, Southwards, and after approx 0.5mile/0.8km take the track on the right which heads NorthWestwards then Northwards to cross a bridge over the Cowie Water at NGR 765 874. Continue Northwards, ignoring the track on the right to Stonehouse, the track soon swings Eastwards to pass the South side of Hill of Three Stones and then Northwards to a track junction at NGR 784 894. Take the track downhill on the right, Eastwards, to soon reach a car park where the bus will be parked at NGR 791 893.

Distance approx. 11.5miles/18.5km  1000ft/304m ascent

Total distance: 18265 m
Max elevation: 282 m
Min elevation: 58 m
Download file: Cowie-Water-to-Rickerton.gpx

Short Walk:-Hill of Three Stones Circular. Anyone wishing to do a shorter walk should remain on the bus and travel the short distance to our finish point at NGR 791 893. Take the forest track Westwards and continue round the North side of the Hill of Three Stones to a track junction at NGR 771 888 and take the track on the left, SouthEastwards, to another track Junction at NGR 775 883. Take the track on the left, Eastwards which soon turns NorthEastwards then Northwards to a track junction at NGR 784 894 take the track on the right to return to your start point.

Distance approx. 4miles/6.5km  350ft/100m ascent

Total distance: 6127 m
Max elevation: 246 m
Min elevation: 141 m
Download file: Hill-of-Three-Stones.gpx

Bus departs 4.00pm for Aberdeen at 5.30pm

The above notes are for guidance only and are intended as an aid to be used along with a map and compass and/or a GPS device with OS maps.

In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge of the bus today should be notified, if possible, before the emergency services are contacted on 999.

Committee member in charge of today’s walk is Alan Wallace. Mob. 07597311049


This event is fully booked.