Date(s) - 29/06/2014
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 43
Grid Ref. Start: 141775
Grid Ref. Finish 111698
Walk (Miles): 10
Walk Hours: 5
Bus Time to Walk:2.5
Bus Time from Walk: 2.5
Departure time from walk: 16:00

Walk Notes

AHWC. Cairnwell Ski Centre to Spittal of Glenshee.
29th June 2014 O.S. Map 43 (Braemar).
N.B. 8.00am start from Aberdeen.
The walk today sees your Club in the hills to the south of the Cairnwell ski area, either on the west side (1) of the A93 road, or on the east side (2), both walks finishing at the Spittal of Glenshee hotel, where our coach will be parked. Please indicate on the “attendance sheet” which route you will be taking. This walk is a through one, so members who require a shorter walk – please indicate your intentions with your committee member in charge of the bus.
(1) For the “west side walk”, from the ski centre at NGR 138 781, take the ski track which ascends Butchart’s Corrie towards the col between Cairnwell and Carn Aosda. Once past a ski hut, you will get great views to the west towards lonely Loch Vrotachan. At this point, turn S’wards and climb the ridge to a minor top overlooking the corrie before turning W’wards and heading around deep Coire Direach to reach the summit of Carn nan Sac (920m). From here, head W’wards across the plateau to the highest point of this walk – Carn a’ Gheoidh (975m). From the summit, either (a) head W’wards towards a small tarn (sometimes dry), then swing S’wards to gain the sharp peak of Carn Bhinnein (917m) with fine views W’wards over to Glas Tulaichean (1051m) and Beinn Iutharn Mhor (1045m). Descend firstly SE’wards to avoid the loose summit screes and boulders and then follow the west side of the Allt Aulich to eventually gain the wide track in the valley of Gleann Taitneach. Head S’wards down this glen to reach the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel: OR (b) from the summit, head S’wards over Carn Mor (876m), Creagan Bheithe (759m) and Ben Gulabin (806m) to descend steeply to the Spittal Hotel. Walking distance approx. 11 miles.
(2) For the “east side walk”, leave the bus at NGR 141 775 on the A93 road, just beyond the most S’ly ski centre car park and follow the track uphill to the bottom of a ski tow at NGR 149 775. From here, climb E’wards to the summit of Meall Odhar (922m). From this top, veer SE’wards along a ridge before dropping slightly to cross the col between it and Glas Maol. Then climb to the summit of Glas Maol (1068m), passing an old fence junction where the three counties of Aberdeenshire, Perthshire and Forfarshire meet. From this summit, turn SW’wards following a ridge S’wards past a cairn to reach a col where the climb up the ridge of Creag Leacach begins – a long hill with scree slopes on both sides. There are two tops on this ridge, about a half mile apart, the highest one being 987m. Continue SW’wards down the scree and across a col at the head of Glen Brighty to reach Carn Ait (864m), which also has two tops. Here, we leave the county boundary we have been following to head S’wards over two minor tops – Carn Aig Mhala (768m) and Carn Chomh-Stri (718m) to reach Carn an Daimh (755m). From here, descend W’wards to pick up a path between this top and Bad an Loin which follows a glen down to the farm of Tomb where the access road leads W’wards to join the A93 road (NGR 111 703), just north of the Spittal of Glenshee Hotel where our bus is parked (NGR 110 698). Distance approx. 11 miles.