Date(s) - 11/01/2009
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 37 and 38
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Walk Notes

The walk today starts at car park at NGR.656.132. Take path uphill to NGR.643.133 and turn right (north north-eastwards) here and climb to the top of a rise. Here in a clearing on the left are the remains of a substantial recumbent stone circle but only two of the stones are still standing. Continue northwards with fields appearing on the right and descend to cross a burn at a dip. The road then climbs steeply up towards the corner of a field where there is an open view towards the Hill of Fare and then contours the lower slopes of green Hill until it again runs along the edge of a field and drops to cross the Pitmunie Burn. A slight climb then brings it to a junction at NGR.660.161 where it meets a track running north north-westwards uphill. Turn left on this track and climb upwards alongside an old stone dyke until clear of the trees. Then head straight uphill for the trig point at the top of Cairn William bypassing some rocky outcrops on the left.

From the summit drop north eastwards downhill to strike a track about NGR.662.171 in the dip between Cairn William and Pitfichie Hill. Turn left and follow this track downhill. At the second junction of tracks turn right and contour eastwards until a disused quarry is reached where the access road is followed down to meet a secondary road between Rorandle and Woodhead at NGR.663.184. Turn right along this road for about half a mile until the access road to Milldowrie is reached on the left. Head down this road until just past the edge of the trees. Hereabouts look for a path along the edge of a field heading eastwards into Paradise Wood. A good path is then picked up at the river bank which follows the river round to join the secondary road at Ord Mill. This road is then followed southwards past Pitfichie Castle and straight ahead at the crossroads (NGR.667.163) into Monymusk village a mile away.