Date(s) - 07/02/2016
9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: Yes
O/S Map Sheet No.: 29
Grid Ref. Start: 509 664
Grid Ref. Finish 509 664
Walk (Miles): 9
Walk Hours: 4.5
Bus Time to Walk:2.5 hours
Bus Time from Walk: 2.0 hours
Departure time from walk: 16:00

Walk Notes


N.B. 9.00am start from Aberdeen.

The walk today sees your Club back on the Moray Firth coast near Cullen to climb the Bin of Cullen – (“Bin” is a corruption into Scots of the Gaelic word for hill “beinn”). Your Club have not been in this area since November 2005.

There are many paths in this forest, so, to minimise your chances of getting lost, please go with someone who can navigate competently.

This walk is a circular walk, so members who require a different, or shorter walk, please liaise with your Committee member in charge of the bus today.

Some members have asked – What does “NGR” mean? It means “National Grid Reference” in relation to the “GPS” (“Global Positioning System”) numbering (not lettering) on the

The walk commences at the large car park near Cullen House (NGR 509 664). From the bus, head S’wards towards Lintmill for approx. 600 yards, but at a house on your left, at a track junction (approx. NGR 511 656), turn sharp right, past a single beam barrier (sometimes open), to soon cross a bridge over the Burn of Deskford, which is on your left. Continue SW’wards, slightly uphill, ignoring a track on the right at a hairpin bend (approx. NGR 508 656). Walk along a wide path beside the Glen Burn, which is on your left, through Shirralds Wood for almost 2 miles to eventually arrive at a track junction (NGR 489 635). Go NW’wards, uphill, for about 0.5 miles to reach a track junction (approx. NGR 484 641). If you want to access the summit of Bin of Cullen take the track on your left, W’wards, to the summit trig where, on a clear day, you will be rewarded with a superb panoramic view in all directions. Return from the summit to the track junction and continue N’wards & NE’wards round the west side of Little Bin, ignoring a path on the left which heads N’wards. Your ongoing route descends and veers NW’wards at a T junction (NGR 489 648) away from Chalmer’s Slack and soon N’wards, ignoring a path on your right (NGR 486 650) to arrive at a path junction at (NGR 483 653). Turn right and head NE’wards and soon E‘wards to arrive at a path split at (NGR 495 654). Go left, (N’wards) and soon NE’wards. This forest path eventually emerges from the trees (NGR 501 658) into open ground to cross a major track coming in from Home Farm. Walk basically E’wards down a path lined with trees and between fields to join a metalled road (NGR 505 659). Turn right at this road, then after a short distance, go left (NGR 506 659) and follow this track for about 500 yards, with the Burn of Deskford on your left, back to our incoming path at (NGR 508 656). Turn left on this hairpin bend, go slightly downhill, and soon re-cross the bridge over the Burn of Deskford. After approx. 300 yards, go sharp left, after the beam barrier and head basically N’wards to our bus parked in the car park at Cullen House.

Walking distance approx. 9 miles

Bus departs at 4.00pm.

In the event of an emergency arising, the person in charge of the outing should be contacted, if possible, before the police are contacted.

Relevant telephone number for Grampian police is 0845 600 5700 or 999.

Committee member in charge today is Graham Sangster


Online bookings are closed for this event. Please contact Gilbert to find out if there are spaces available.