Date(s) - 02/08/2009
12:00 am

Walk Details

Pub Stop?: No
O/S Map Sheet No.: 35, 36 and 43
Grid Ref. Start:
Grid Ref. Finish
Walk (Miles): 12
Walk Hours:
Bus Time to Walk:
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Walk Notes

The walk today takes us to some of the hills in Upper Glen Feshie. The bus will be parked in the Glen somewhere near Auchlean (NGR.852.906)
(1) Sgor Gaoith and Carn Ban Mor
These hills are some of the highest points of the ridge to the west of Glen Einich, between it and Glen Feshie. From Auchlean a path heads eastwards through some forest towards the glen of Allt Fhearnagan burn. It then climbs the ridge on the north side of the burn and continues uphill to reach the shoulder just south of the Carn Ban Mor summit (1052m.,3450ft). from the summit the ridge is followed northwards for just over a mile to reach the summit of Sgor Gaoith (1118m.,3776ft), overlooking Loch Einich. From this top descend westwards to follow the Allt a’ Chram Alltain burn down to pick up a path which skirts the lower slopes of Meall Tionail and drops down through trees to reach a road just north of Balachraoick Farm. The road is then followed southwards up the glen to reach Auchlean. Walking distance = 12 miles + ascent of 2500ft.
(2) Mullach Clach a’ Bhlair and Lochan Nam Bo
From Auchlean take the track up the glen southwards to reach a bridge over the River Feshie near the memorial at Carnacnuin. (NGR.845.937). from here a track climbs eastwards up the glen of the Allt Choire Chaoil to a junction at NGR.882.936. Turn right here and take the track southwards which climbs the ridge of Mullach Clach a’ Bhlair before turning away eastwards. Climb up from here to reach the summit (1019m.,3342ft). from the summit descend southwestwards on a ridge to Drum Nam Bo (918m.,3011ft) and then down to Lochan Nam Bo. From the lochan follow the outlet burn down to reach the track in the glen which is then followed northwards up the glen back to Auchlean.
Walking distance = 14 miles + ascent of 2230ft
(3) Ruigh-Aiteachain Bothy
From Auchlean follow the track southwards up the glen for about four miles to reach the bothy at NGR.847.928. The return down the glen may be made either by the outward track or by the glen road crossing back to Auchlean by a footbridge at NGR.850.964 Walking distance = 9 miles